Cedar Fence Panels

Timberland has been a leader and the main source throughout British Columbia for quality cedar fence panels. With a large selection and Unbeatable prices on cedar fence panels we guarantee to find a match for your fencing needs. We carry all sizes and styles of fence panels. If you have custom designs just bring us a picture and we will make it!

Fence Panel Grades

All sizes and styles have 3 different grades of fence panels. The difference in grade is the quality of cedar used on the fence panel, there is no difference in quality of workmanship regardless of the grade. Timberland offers 3 different grades.

Number 1 Grade: These panels are Clear and Tight knot. The Cedar used to manufacture these panels are made with Clear and Tight knot material, these panels are most comparable to what you see at your building supply stores. These panels are often used for new homes and commercial sites.

Number 2 Grade: These panels are also called our Contractor Grade fence panels. These panels are mostly used by contractors, builders, landscapers and home owners. The panels are made out of mostly tight knot material; however minor defects such as small holes, dry rot are acceptable. These panels are our most popular and our top sellers.

Number 3 Grade: These panels are our low grade panels and are made from our fall down lumber. There are no specs on these panels and anything from dry rot to big knotholes can be expected.